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Seven years ago, the world went insane.

In the extinct Empire City, one man activated a device that jump-started human evolution, at the cost of thousands of lives. In it’s wake, select people developed the power to perform incredible feats, the stuff of dreams and legends. These people were the Conduits. But their power was not to last.

In the aftermath of The Empire Event, a plague broke out along the east coast of the United States, trailing a Beast of untold power. Millions died. So was born the Great East Wasteland. That man, from whom all the chaos had emanated faced down The Beast, trading his life and the life of every active Conduit to bring it down and cure the plague. That man was Cole McGrath.

For seven years, the world lay quiet, but recently, for reasons unknown to science, the Conduit gene has begun to reawaken. Now, with a paranoid government preparing to curb the new threat, new villains on the horizon, The American East in shambles and ancient evils beginning to stir, one thing is certain.

The world is in need of heroes.

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